„Summer of the Gods“ for free!

My urban fantasy novel „Summer of the Gods“ is now available for free as an Amazon Kindle ebook until Sunday, January 15. Enjoy!

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Portraits of Gods (1): Hades

In this new series here in my blog, you will get additional information about the Gods in the order in which they appear in the novel.

According to Greek mythology, Hades is the Lord of the Underworld, the Realm of the Dead, that is often called by his name, too. Together with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, he is one of the three oldest children of the Titans Kronos and Rhea. After defeating the Titans, Zeus, Poseidon and he rolled the dice for their respective realms — Zeus won Heaven and Earth, Poseidon the Oceans and Hades the Underworld which seems to make him completely happy. He is accompanied by the great, three-headed dog Kerberos, „you can’t imagine a better-behaved dog“, as Hades himself says.

He is spirited by great compassion for human beings as he considers their lives on Earth, in his own words, „ridiculously short“, so he advises them not to make each others‘ lives a living hell. He is clever with words and an expert in convincing people of his agenda and to make them his friends, but he doesn’t always understand the modern world and is astonished about many things he experiences there.

Despite that, he „loves to cause a stir“ (Aphrodite). Contrary to some other Gods, he doesn’t wear regular street clothes, but in a traditional toga including a sword and his long staff.

You can read more about Hades and the other Gods in the full novel „Summer of the Gods“ which you can buy in Kindle Stores worldwide (e.g. USA, UK, Canada, and Germany).